The movers, shakers, and Broadway-style belters! In and out of rehearsal, we will almost always break out into either songs or tears (sometimes both). But in all seriousness, we have the best damn job in Princeton: we get to sing, dance, and act for the Triangle Club on the McCarter Stage.


Somehow, amidst this backdrop of sequins and kicklines, Triangle always manages to put you in the spotlight. No one in our ensemble cast spends an entire show as Guard #2; everyone gets the opportunity to show off their talents. When you join this cast you aren't just signing up for a show - you become a member of the oldest and largest theater company on campus, you will make memories that will define your Princeton career, and you become an integral part of our Triangle family. There are a ton of performance opportunities at Princeton, but none of them can come close to matching what it's like to be in Triangle.


Feel free to email Cast Manager Ben Diamond '19 for more information.

We have the opportunity to work with professional directors, choreographers, music directors, and costume designers who have worked on Broadway and in New York theater for years. We also perform an original show to sold-out audiences of 1,200 people in the award-winning McCarter Theater - not once, but five times a year. Between that and our annual national tour, it's as close to professional musical theater as you can get without quitting school and starving in the East Village for three years!

Night of the Laughing Dead Cast 2018-19

Night of the Laughing Dead Cast 2018-19