If Triangle is Batman, we're the bat signal. As in, you might not even notice it coming without us.

We weren't kidding about the bat signal thing.  When you see giant spotlights in the sky on opening night, that's us. The giant inflatable orange triangle? Us. The posters, the flyers, the postcards, calendar listings, press releases, telegraphs, skywrites, and labels mysteriously stapled in your underwear that say "Come see the Triangle Show" - all of them are us. We also sell merchandise: we've got Triangle DVDs, Triangle T-shirts, Triangle shot glasses, a brand new Best of Triangle song book, and even a Triangle flamethrower! (ed note: Triangle flamethrower currently embroiled in patent dispute; not available for purchase).




When people talk about "big business," they're talking about - you guessed it - us. But really, picture this: Princeton's Famous Triangle Show is performed for upwards of 7,000 people per year, and a group of undergrads known as the Business Team are in charge of every single one of those seats. Triangle (and the Business Team especially) has access to more resources than almost any other student group on campus. Put that combination of scale and resource together and you've got a veritable creative playground. We write, design, advertise, print, and tweet with some of the most precise, comedic determination you'll find. And if that's not enough, we're also part of (what we think is) one of the best damn clubs on campus - and we even say so outside our posters!

If you're interested in joining or learning more about Triangle Business, contact Business Manager, Arika Harrison '21