The 2016-2017 Officer Corps, known by the club as ALH, Alex Daniels '17, Lily Lesser '17, and Hillel Friedman '17, wrote a new Constitution for the club. It was adopted by the club on November 13th, 2016. Please find it attached below for your viewing pleasure. 


The Princeton Triangle Club CONSTITUTION

The Princeton Triangle Club (Triangle) was established in the 1890’s. It provides the opportunity to Princeton students to write and perform new musical comedies each year, with professional direction and mentorship. Triangle embraces a number of traditions, some of which have become defining parts of the club: two shows, a national Tour, and a kickline. Triangle also has the privilege of performing at the McCarter Theatre -- “the house that Triangle built.”

Triangle’s undergraduate leadership consists of one President and two Vice Presidents called the Officer Corps. Triangle consists of five departments or “sides”: the cast, the writers, the technical team (“tech”), the business team (“biz”), and the pit orchestra (“pit”).  Each side of Triangle plays an integral role in the functioning and development of the club. Each side shall have one or more leadership positions that represent that side to the Officer Corps.

Triangle is overseen by a Board of Trustees consisting of Triangle alumni. Legally, Triangle is a not-for-profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of New Jersey. The Trustees are the board of directors of the corporation, overseeing its operation and finances, working closely with the Officer Corps to assist in the club’s regular functioning, and maintaining the long-term interests of the club including relationships with Princeton University, alumni, tour supporters, other audiences, and the McCarter Theatre organization.

Article 1: Membership


Section 1

  1. Membership in Triangle shall be open to students currently enrolled in Princeton University.


Section 2

  1. Membership in Triangle shall be earned by:

    1. Beginning and continuing to satisfactorily and successfully complete the participation requirements for at least one side of Triangle, subject to the definitions and requirements of this Section 2.

    2. Meeting other requirements established by the Officer Corps from time to time, including the timely and consistent payment of social dues.

  2. Participation requirements for each side of Triangle are:

    1. Cast:  perform in the cast for one full Fall Show production cycle, including performances in the fall, on Tour and during reunions, or perform in the cast for the entirety of one Spring Show production.

    2. Pit:  perform in the pit orchestra for one full Fall Show production cycle, including performances in the fall, on Tour and during reunions, or serve as Musical Director for the entirety of one Spring Show production, or orchestrate at least one musical number for a mainstage show (Fall Show), which orchestration is performed in that Fall Show.

    3. Tech: serve on run crew or notes crew for performances in the fall and during reunions or serve on the tech crew for the entirety of one Spring Show production.

    4. Writers: actively participate in the Writers’ Workshop for one full writing cycle, encompassing both Spring and Fall Shows.

    5. Biz: actively participate on Biz for one full year’s business cycle, beginning with Spring Show and extending through reunions performances and Fall Show.

  1. Decisions concerning satisfactory and successful meeting of participation requirements for any of the sides will remain solely in the hands of the Officer Corps, in consultation with the Side Heads, Professionals and others as appropriate.

  2. The Officer Corps shall maintain a list of active club members. This list shall be available to all members of the club upon request and once per year the Officer Corps shall send a copy to the Secretary of the Trustees.

  3. During a Leave of Absence from Princeton University, membership in Triangle is suspended.  Upon Reinstatement, a person who meets the other requirements may resume Triangle membership.

  4. The Officer Corps may terminate the membership of an individual who fails to:

    1. Complete the participation requirements for their side of Triangle (see 2.(b)).

    2. Pay social dues in a timely way.


    Section 3

  1. As a condition of membership, all prospective members of Triangle shall be required to read a copy of this Constitution and sign it, indicating agreement to adhere to it.

  2. All members and other participants agree to abide by the decisions of the Professionals and the Officer Corps, whose decisions will be final, concerning schedule, artistic and production matters.

  3. All members agree to permit Triangle to use any photo, video and/or recording of them while performing or engaging in other Club activities.


    Section 4

  1. Members shall be allowed to attend and to vote in all elections. Members in their first year of Triangle membership shall be allowed to vote in all elections held after the completion of tour.

  2. Subject to the decisions of the Officer Corps, music director or the director as appropriate, members are eligible to perform in the Frosh Week show, independent of side affiliation.


    Section 5

  1. The Officer Corps shall have the power to dismiss any member of Triangle for failure to adhere to this constitution, to follow other rules of the club or the University or for otherwise bringing disrepute to the club.

  2. A dismissed Triangle member shall be entitled to defend himself/herself at a timely, open and fair Appeal Hearing.

  3. An Appeal Hearing shall be announced to all members at least one week in advance by the Officer Corps. A quorum shall consist of no fewer than 50% of members. A three-quarters vote of the members present is required to reverse the dismissal decision of the Officer Corps.

  4. A dismissed member may be considered for readmission to Triangle at the discretion of the Officer Corps.


Article 2: Officer Corps


    Section 1

  1. The Triangle Officer Corps shall consist of three Officers: one President, and two Vice Presidents.

  2. No member may hold more than one Officer position at the same time.


    Section 2

  1. Officers shall be elected from those members who have declared their candidacy to the current Officers by a predetermined timeline. In that declaration, Presidential candidates must indicate whether or not they will agree to run for Vice President should they fail to secure the Presidency.  

    1. A call for candidacy shall be sent out to the club at least one week before elections are held.

    2. Candidates shall be announced (along with whether or not Presidential candidates will agree to run for Vice President) to the club the day before elections occur.

  2. The Officer Corps shall determine the timeline and procedures for elections, subject to the provisions of this Art. 2, Sect. 2.

  3. A majority vote shall be defined as one half of the number of voters participating in the election plus one. At least 51% of members must be present for a vote to occur.

    1. In order to win, a Presidential candidate must receive a majority of the vote. If no candidate receives a majority, a new ballot shall be cast without the candidate who received the fewest votes on the prior ballot.  No further debate shall occur between ballots.

    2. For the Vice Presidential election, each member may vote for two candidates. In order to win, a candidate must receive a majority of the vote (two candidates can receive a majority as each member votes twice). If the decision is not clear after one round of voting, a re-vote shall occur.  If one candidate received a majority, that candidate is elected and each member may vote for one candidate in all subsequent re-votes. If no candidate received a majority, the candidate who has received the fewest votes will be dropped from the re-vote. No further debate shall occur between ballots.


    Section 3

  1. The Officer Corps is entrusted with the following responsibilities:

    1. Direct and coordinate the activities of the various sides of the club.

    2. Appoint members to staff positions and any necessary committees.

    3. Represent Triangle to outside organizations and to the University administration.

    4. Schedule auditions, rehearsals, and performances.

    5. Foster club spirit.

    6. Oversee proper use of the Triangle Office.

    7. Oversee the collection and storage of relevant materials in the Triangle Archives at Mudd Library.

    8. Hire and dismiss professionals as they see fit, in collaboration with and with the approval of the Board of Trustees. Professionals include, but are not limited to, designers, directors, choreographers, videographers, Writers’ Workshop directors, orchestra and business mentors, and general consultants.

  2. The President alone shall be entrusted with the following specific responsibilities:

    1. Approve expenditures as authorized in budgets approved by the Trustees.  The President may delegate specific financial tasks to others, but remains responsible. (see Article 4 for further details)

    2. Serve as one of three Executive Producers of the Triangle Show in conjunction with the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees or their designate representative(s).

    3. On behalf of the undergraduates, exercise final approval of any show’s title, subject to review by the Trustee members of the Executive Producing team.

    4. Conduct business with the Board of Trustees.

    5. Conduct routine business with McCarter Theatre.


    Section 4

  1. Any Officer shall be subject to impeachment and removal from office at any time by a two-thirds vote of the membership. A majority of members coming together for the express purpose of impeachment proceedings is sufficient to bring about such a vote.

    1. Cause for impeachment shall be defined as failure to carry out official responsibilities or bringing serious disrepute to Triangle.

    2. A debate shall precede an impeachment vote. These discussions shall be moderated by the Officers not being impeached or, if such Officers are not present or are all being impeached, by the Production Manager, then the Business Manager or, then by drawing lots.


    Section 5

  1. In the event of a vacancy in the office of President,

    1. A special election for the office of President under normal voting procedures (Art. 2, Sect. 2) shall occur except that the candidates shall be the existing two Vice Presidents.

    2. If one of the Vice Presidents declines to run for President, then the remaining Vice President shall become President and the election shall be to elect a replacement Vice President.

    3. If both Vice Presidents decline to run for President, then new candidates will be sought under normal voting procedures.

  2. In the event of a vacancy in the office of Vice President, the President shall appoint a member as replacement Vice President in consultation with the remaining Vice President.


Article 3: Staff Positions


Section 1

  1. In most years, two executive staff positions shall be appointed by the Officer Corps, with specific duties to be determined by the Officer Corps. These appointments are subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees, given their responsibilities.

    1. The Business Manager (BM) shall lead Biz throughout the year to advertise and promote the current Triangle shows, other Triangle activities, and Triangle’s image and reputation generally.

    2. The Production Manager (PM) shall liaise with the sides of Triangle as well as with the professional and undergraduate creative teams to coordinate the physical needs of the production.


Section 2

  1. Usually each side of Triangle will have at least one Department Manager or “Side Head”, appointed by the Officer Corps, to lead the corresponding department and with other duties to be determined by the Officer Corps.

  2. Among other staff positions may be Tour Manager, Social Chair(s), Stage Manager, Membership Chair and Historian, to be appointed by the Officer Corps and with duties to be determined by the Officer Corps.


Article 4: Board of Trustees


Section 1

  1. Triangle as a legal entity is governed by a Board of Trustees which has complete authority over its management and operations.

  2. The Board of Trustees has separate bylaws governing its operation. In case of conflict between the Trustee bylaws and this document, the Trustee bylaws will govern.

  3. The Trustees provide guidance and direction to the Officer Corps and others in leadership positions, on artistic, administrative, and operational matters that arise throughout the year. The Board of Trustees operate in many ways like the Executive Producers and Backers of a theatrical production, as at the traditional “Backers Audition” and “Trustee Run-Through” pre-opening presentations.

  4. It is the long-time practice of the Trustees to leave maximum reasonable operational and artistic discretion in the hands of the student Officer Corps and membership.

  5. In the event of unresolved artistic or operational disagreement after consultation among Trustees, the Officer Corps (and Writers and Professionals if appropriate), the decision of the Trustees, who bear the responsibility of the long-term interests of the club and its constituencies, shall govern.

  6. Among other activities, the Trustees’ functions include:

    1. Approve the Officers, BM and PM.

    2. In collaboration with the Officer Corps, hire director, choreographer and other professionals.

    3. Approve student rules and regulations.

    4. Approve production, tour and other budgets.

    5. Collect all revenue.

    6. Approve and pay all remittances.

    7. Manage all investment funds.

    8. The Board of Trustees, on behalf of Triangle, has the sole control of all intellectual property rights arising out of or created for the activities of the Triangle Club.


Article 5: Princeton University


    Section 1

  1. Triangle enjoys the unique status of existing as an independent, not-for-profit corporation, and also a student organization recognized by the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students (ODUS) of Princeton University.

  2. As a recognized student organization, it and its members shall be bound by all University policies for organizations and individuals as expressed in Rights, Rules and Responsibilities.


Article 6: Financial Management


Section 1

  1. The President shall be responsible to the Graduate Treasurer and the other Trustees for overseeing the use of Triangle funds for all authorized purposes by current members.

  2. The President shall ensure that approved financial, accounting and control procedures are followed including:

    1. All expenses are properly approved and documented.

    2. Club members receive reimbursement for approved out of pocket expenses.

    3. All departments and members follow the financial guidelines set by the approved budget.

  3. The President may, at his/her discretion, delegate these responsibilities to other club members, but shall retain responsibility.


Article 7: Intellectual Property and Writers’ Rights


    Section 1

  1. Triangle shall retain all rights to student-created elements of its productions and all material written for Triangle shows. These shall include, but are not limited to, recordings, videos, orchestrations, sheet music, lyrics, scripts, sketches, staging, choreography, costume design, lighting design, sound design and set design, promotional materials and any other Intellectual Property originating with a Triangle production or other activity.

  2. Notwithstanding the above, the writer(s) of all songs, sketches, or other material written for Triangle not selected for performance in either a Spring Show or Fall Show shall retain the rights to that material commencing with their graduation or permanent departure from the University except that Triangle shall own a perpetual royalty-free non-exclusive license to such material in perpetuity for its own use.

  3. Triangle shall make reasonable efforts to credit the original creator(s) in any future use of their material.


    Section 2

  1. Creators of Triangle-owned material who wish to use that material in a not-for-profit, non-commercial context, may do so royalty-free, provided Triangle is credited as follows or similarly:  “(c) [year] Princeton Triangle Club”, and that such use will not bring disrepute to Triangle.

    1. Not-for-profit contexts are those for which no fee is charged or paid and shall include, but are not limited to, employment, academic or festival applications, live or recorded performances, and workshops. Final determination regarding whether a use constitutes a not-for-profit context shall be left to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

  2. Creators of Triangle-owned material who wish to use that material in a commercial setting must request permission from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees before such use.  Permission for such use is not guaranteed. Final determination and any arrangements for sharing of revenues shall be at the discretion of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.



Article 8: Kickline Clause


    Section 1

  1. Out of respect for a more than century-long tradition and the Club’s devoted audience, there shall be a kickline in every mainstage Triangle show.


Article 9: Ratification


Section 1

  1. This Constitution was ratified by two-thirds vote of Triangle’s voting members.

  2. At least 50% of voting members were present and voting.

    1. Voting members consisted of participants in the current Fall Show, the previous Spring Show, or the reunions performance of the most recent Fall Show.

  3. The ratification vote took place at an open meeting publicly announced at least one week in advance by the current Officer Corps.


Section 2

  1. A copy of this Constitution was provided to every member at least one week before the ratification vote.


Section 3

  1. All previous Triangle Club undergraduate constitutions or equivalent foundational documents are hereby void.


Article 10: Amendments


Section 1

  1. Amendments to the Triangle Constitution may be proposed by a petition proposed by any current member of the club and signed by 25% of all current members.


    Section 2

  1. Once an amendment is proposed, ratification shall require a two-thirds vote of the members of the club at a publicly-announced meeting.

  2. At least 50% of members must be present and voting.

  3. A meeting for ratification of such amendment shall be announced by the Officer Corps at least one week in advance.


Section 3

  1. All amendments require the approval of the Board of Trustees for ratification.




  1. This constitution was adopted on November 13th, 2016 under the Triangle Officer Corps of  Hillel Friedman (President), Alex Daniels (Vice-President), and Lily Lesser (Vice-President).