Auditions for Triangle’s pit orchestra will be held Monday, September 16-Wednesday, September 18. Orchestrations are developed after the pit is cast, so please feel free to audition regardless of what instument(s) you play. For your audition, please prepare a two-minute extract of the song of your choice and be ready to sight read a musical theater song. Sign up for your audition slot here, and reach out to Pit Manager Nick Ng '20 with any questions!


Without us, the Writers' songs can never come to life. We try not to hold this over their heads too much, but it does come in handy when you need someone to do your homework for a month if you'll just play that one sax solo a half step up. Triangle integrates its musicians into an overall club and production in a way that is extremely rare anywhere else on campus. There is something that brings musicians together about playing pantsless shows just for funsies and occasionally passing around an instrument on the Tour bus when that last guitar is just not fitting with the luggage. As a result of these uniquely entertaining opportunities, the Pit draws a unique community - musicians of all stylistic backgrounds join our fold, many of whom perform with other groups on campus such as PUO and PUJE. We've got about 15 members and usually start rehearsing three to four weeks before a show. We're chill; you'll like us.

We're the reason that Princeton's oldest theatre tradition is not a costumed, microphoned, well-lit, extremely confusing a capella group (you're welcome, Princeton).

Under the intrepid leadership of a student conductor and filled to the brim of the stage with some of the best musicians on campus, the Pit accompanies the Triangle Frosh Week Show, Fall Show, National Tour, and Reunions Show. We get to originate parts on brand-new, student written music, so technically we're the ones who world-premier this music every year. Our orchestrators get to flex their creative arrangement muscles as far as they go - and usually, with the caliber and flexibility of musicians we have, that can go pretty far. We're the only Pit Orchestra on campus that performs in the McCarter Theatre, and therefore the only Pit Orchestra who gets to shout expletives throughout the Triangle Frosh Week show every year. Basically, in the Triangle Pit, you have impossible freedom: you can orchestrate a number, you can learn how to play four new instruments just for a series of two-bar increments - you can even play sports, if you really want.

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For more information, contact Conductor Andrew Damian '20 and Pit Manager Nick Ng '20