Perhaps Triangle's greatest strength is its people, and this is particularly true on the tech side. While there are other opportunities to do technical theater on campus, only Triangle boasts a full tech staff that stays together for the entire year and that is truly part of the company. There is just something about going on a national tour and squeezing a McCarter Theater-sized show into a wide variety of all-much-smaller venues that brings out the best friends in people. Besides, there is nowhere else on campus where you can work with a group of people as tight-knit, in a space as fantastic, and with the mentorship of theater professionals that springs from over 120 years of combined performance experience both in Triangle and beyond.

If you want to join our tech team, or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Technical Director Mason El-Habr '22, or Production Manager Haley Zeng '21

Hey, we're Triangle's Stage Management, Production Design, and Technology Team! But the Business Team recently told us that's a mouthful, so now we go by the mysterious pseudonym "Tech."

So one year, we built a set held together by 2 gallons of glue, over 1,000 nails, and over 250 screws. Then, during every show, we blew it up. Or at least we made it look like we did. This was possible because of a wide array of impressive, deafening power tools, some exciting, inventive, and completely student-imagined technical designs, and mainly because no other company offers the same level of resources and professionalism that Triangle does. We have full access to the award-winning McCarter Theatre Center's scene shop and 1,200 seat Matthews Theater. Current Broadway set and costume designers work with our crew in mentorships that are unmatched anywhere else on campus. The Triangle light plot uses over 300 units, and in just our Fall Show we use enough electricity to power an average home for nearly 2 months (green energy patent pending).