Applications for the Writers Workshop 2020-21 are OPen!

Check out the attached application form and writing format sample.

We'll also be having an info session on Saturday, September 21 from 6-8 pm in the Triangle Office in the basement of McCarter Theatre (look out for signs by the entrance!)

Deadline: Sunday, 11/24/19, 11:59 PM EST



We weren't completely kidding about that "everyone is anyone and can do anything" thing. As a Triangle Writer, you can have an adult man on stage in a diaper if, you know, that's what you really want. You can make a robot dance soft shoe. You can make a fish fall from the sky. You can make a blackout come after that. You can make oblivion come after that. And then...what next? Ah, yes - a Nobel Prize for Literature. No, we don't promise that, but we do promise you laughter, friendship, and a constant lurking insecurity that we might be joking about the laughter and friendship.

If you have any questions or need relationship advice fast, contact our Head Writers Nate Perlmeter '21 and Kevin Zou '20.


The Triangle Writers Workshop is a cabal of 12 of the funniest people on campus who meet for three hours every week to write, laugh, and cry pretty often. We're responsible for every word and musical note in every Triangle show, except the ones you don't like, which were written by someone else.

Though some writers primarily compose music while others focus mainly on sketches or lyrics, the workshop is a collaborative, working-and-teaching environment in which everyone is anyone and can do anything. Anything. To write the Triangle Show, we first pick a theme from among a wide variety of pitched ideas (e.g., an Internet-themed revue! A murder mystery set in a doughnut shop called 'Who Doughnut?'! Moby Dick meets Monsters, Inc.!) We then work with two writing professionals, who turn fresh young writing recruits into masters of character, game, structure, and composition. At the end, we hand the show off to the cast and director, like dropping off your firstborn child at college: you say a tearful goodbye, knowing full well it's going to have way more sex than you.

(Some of) Triangle Writers 2018

(Some of) Triangle Writers 2018